Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Watercolor Wednesday

Spent the day in our local park and learned how to paint "en plein air". It is quite a switch from painting indoors. First space and water are rare and being outdoors the paints and painting tends to dry very quickly. As a result one has to work quickly and learn to mix up good sized puddles of color before beginning.

My painting did not end up as I pictured mentally but after the class broke up my friend and I sat in the shade and sketched and painted on our own. THAT was more relaxing and somewhat more favorably productive.

Painting and sketching calm the dragon inside me and affords me moments of tranquility and peace. I wonder if all artists feel this way when they are in their "zone"? I imagine so and so that this is what drives their passion. Freeing one's creativity releases endorphins I think which is why we take such pleasure in it. I'll bet it is addictive though I am not there yet.

I am looking on the blogger blogs and wonder how can you create a second page or an additional catagory for your blog. Other blog worlds offer this and I cannot see it in my dashboard. I'll scan the help but it is very limiting if Bloger doesn't offer it. Guess you just create another blog at the dashboard and link to it. I must link to my second blog while I think of it.

Back again. I see that you do have a list of your blogs on the complete profile page. One can call that a link of sorts though rather clumsy. I am going to edit the template to add my own links.


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